David Loveless has been an absolute Godsend to our organization and me personally. I cannot overstate his impact to my ministry, my family and my spiritual health!  It is an extremely rare person that not only understands the inner workings of the soul, but has experiential understanding of the inner workings of a complex organization. David Loveless is that rare gem. I am thankful that after 4 years of coaching, I continue to benefit from his care and wisdom.  I highly recommend David to any leader, church, or organization looking for health, healing and hope!

Justin Miller
Lead Pastor. Real Life Church. Clermont, Fl

David Loveless has been one of the most important mentors in my life and ministry. While I was leading a growing ministry with expanding responsibilities, I needed someone to push me to expand the depth of my soul and the health of my relationships. My relationship with David gave me regular access to a seasoned guide. He has a rare combination of powerful leadership experience and a depth of soul forged through pain and grace. God has used few people to shape my life and leadership more than him.

Mark Vance
Lead Pastor. Cornerstone Church, Ames, Iowa.
Co-Founder. The Salt Network of Churches.

I have been a leader all my life, in US Navy Flight Commander roles, business
executive roles, and CEO and President positions responsible for thousands of
employees. Then I hit the wall. Stunned, exhausted and in pain I reached out to David Loveless for executive coaching. In all my years of leadership and professional development, I never understood several critical pieces missing in my experiences, training, Harvard MBA, Bible reading and “just do it” efforts.

Through a combination of light-shining assessments, keen insight sessions, and true God-connecting experiences David Loveless helped me lay a new critical foundation I needed to live with true peace, joy, and contentment and lead with renewed energy, and confidence.

Brian Britton
President. Kilwins Chocolate Company

The consulting services that David Loveless has provided have been nothing short of transformative for our large, growing church. From strategic planning to the future implementing changes, David has shown an understanding of the challenges and opportunities unique to our church. His visionary approach has empowered our church to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

Mike Shelly
Executive Pastor. Real Life Church. Clermont, Fl

David Loveless is a master coach, consultant and facilitator. Whether he is working with a team or coaching a leader one on one, his ability to ask the right question, give helpful insight or guide engaging process always brings the breakthrough leaders are looking for. I recommend David with highest regard for the challenge you or your team are facing.

Dave Rhodes
Co-Founder, Clarity House

David’s impact in my life has been transformational personally as well as pastorally. Through the power of his own experience, He has guided me through necessary un-learnings and re-learnings that has brought deeper levels of awareness of God and myself. His work has helped me get my confidence and security from a deeper place. Using carefully crafted tools as well as tapping into his own experience, David has lead our Board and staff through strategic conversations that have resulted in clarity and alignment for the future. Because of David, I am healthier and our church is more effective.

Steve Southards
Lead Pastor. Salem Church. Dayton, OH

David is a deep well of wisdom and knowledge of how the local church should do ministry. His years of experience leading in ministry gives him the credibility to speak into every aspect of the church or what a pastor may be facing. Whether it is the compassion and sincerity in which he personally coaches pastors or the brilliant insight and strategy he can bring to a team, David is a tremendous gift to any church.

Trey Taylor
Lead Pastor. City Hope Church. Mobile, AL

David Loveless’ coaching has helped me get unstuck and move forward in a time of my life when nothing else, including counseling, would work. He asks questions and gives space for me look inside myself and see things I could not see otherwise. David has consulted with our executive team as it relates to staff organization and staff health. He’s also walked with our church leadership team for over a year and assisted us to obtain vision, core values, a mission statement and goals for the next fifteen years. I/we consider David not only a part of our team but also a part of our family.

Dale Ryals
Executive Pastor. City Hope Church. Mobile, AL